Due to Covid 19 lockdown restrictions commencing on November 5th we will be changing the way we work to allow us to remain open.

Customers will not be allowed to enter the premises, when dropping their dog off and collecting we now have a doorbell situated outside and a member of staff will collect the dog from the customers car.

We will change the lead and harness to one of our leads to prevent any cross contamination and will call you when your dog will be ready for collection.

Please bear with us on answering the door as we may have a dog on the table or in the bath, we will get to the door as quickly as we can.

We at Barks and Bubbles will do our utmost to offer our best service during this difficult time whilst remaining Covid safe.

Welcome to Barks And Bubbles Wisbech

dog groomer wisbech

Barks and bubbles aim to be the best dog groomers in Wisbech. We offer grooming, bathing services as well as microchipping and nail clipping

Under new ownership and management from Caroline and Louise, we aim to offer the best dog groomers in Wisbech service.

Caroline is the dog warden for Fenland District Council and also runs Ravenswood Pet Rescue, one of the largest dog rescues in the area.

Louise runs the Willowdale Farm Rescue and emergency boarding kennels, just outside Wisbech.

Stacey is our head groomer and we are bringing in Mel and Charlie to help them bath, groom and look after your dog.

Between us we have many years experience dog handling and grooming and are looking forward to this new adventure together.

If you are looking for a dog groomer in Wisbech get in contact with us as we would love to meet you and your furry family.